Sunday, March 25, 2012

Benefits of Catuaba Bark

Contributor By Olga L. Chacon

The catuaba is a small tree that has yellow and orange flowers, which can be found in northern Brazil. In addition to chewing bark from the catuaba tree during their hunting trips in the Amazon, the Tupi Indians have used catuaba bark for years to alleviate mental and physical fatigue, and drowsiness. Below are the essentials on the positive aspects of this bark.

Natural Aphrodisiac

Catuaba bark acts as a natural aphrodisiac. The bark enhances a male's reproductive system. Although the herb is primarily used to improve erection in men, catuaba contains libido-enhancing elements for both men and women. Specifically, it helps the genitals function more effectively.

Promotes Healing

Catuaba bark prevents individuals from feeling agitated, and helps with forgetfulness and dementia. People who have taken this herb, have claimed to feel more relaxed and energetic. Catuaba also acts as a stimulant of the nervous system, and helps with depression. The herb relieves nerve pain, and helps with insomnia.

Non-toxic Properties

Other benefits of catuaba bark are its non-toxic properties, such as aromatic oils, tannins and alkaloids. The herb can be taken as capsules with dosages of 500 to 1000 mg. You can obtain the bark in tincture or powder form. Catuaba produces no side effects because of its non-toxic elements.

Antibacterial Compound

Researchers in Japan have found that catuaba bark contains antibacterial compound. In their studies, mice were given high doses of E. Coli and infection, and catuaba. The catuaba bark protected the mice from the bacteria.

Antiviral Compound

Researchers in Japan have also found that catuaba contains antiviral compound. Studies have shown that the herb can fight the HIV virus. Researchers fed mice catuaba and injected them with the HIV virus. Results show that the catuaba bark protected the white blood cells of the mice from absorbing the virus. However, more studies are still being conducted to on whether catuaba is an effective treatment for the HIV virus.


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